1808 Sessions – The Heart of the Hero

Back in 2006 Tshidiso Maduna and Girland Masola started 1808 Arts and Culture sessions. The 1808 sessions (inspired by the old Pimville postalcode) function as a platform for young artists in Gauteng to showcase their talents and skills in hip-hop, dance, DJ-ing and other art forms.

Tshidiso and Girland realised that there are many talented young people who just needed the right exposure and space to express themselves. So, instead of waiting for someone else to do it, they went out and created a platform themselves.

But 1808 is more than just an emerging artist agency. Tshidiso believes that art can also uplift the community, which is why the 1808 crew started the Youth Month, Charity Walk and Don’t be a Fool Stay in School campaigns. If that’s not enough, they’re planning an indoor soccer league too.

Tshidiso and Girland take pride in their goal to uplift and reflect the state of mind of today’s youth. They aim to educate their peers and local youngsters by engaging them on topics like teenage pregnancy, abusive behaviour, drug abuse, unemployment and HIV/Aids.

Watch their short Documentary here

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Source of the story PLAY HEROES