Spring Fashion 2012 for Men

Men’s street style or fashion is slow to evolve unlike women’s street style but they do change, albeit subtly. Men’s street style trends for 2012 have their roots in fashion trends of the past but endowed with a new twist for 2012. But one unchanging characteristics of men’s street style trend is that they are highly wearable, unlike the clothes paraded in runways.

2012 Lisboa Fashion Week


The weather may turn warmer in the coming months but cardigans will still be a staple street style wear for men. This men’s love affair with cardigans will continue with a slight change in style. Cardigans for 2012 will have lesser buttons and are longer than usual. Cardigans with shawl collars as well as double-breasted cardigans and blazer- style cardigans will all be men’s street style trends for 2012.

Denim Vests

A men’s street style trend 2012 that is also a look back from the past is the denim vest. Think 1980 and early 1990 during the heydays of Bono of U2, as well as Robert Smith of the Cure and Billy Idol. For 2012 the undying denim will be worn on men’s backs rather than on their butts. It is as grungy as it was in the past with tattered sleeves, torn seams, and in medium or lighter washes to achieve a faded look.

Plaid or striped shirts over tees

Another relic of the past, roughly 20 years back, that has staged a comeback is the open plaid or stripe shirt with a tee underneath. For 2012, though, the checks are smaller while the colors are more subtle. For stripe shirts, thinner strips will be hot rather than the bolder wider stripes. The t-shirt underneath could either be a V-neck tee reminiscent of the 80s look or a T-shirt with graphic designs. The secret to wearing this trend is the proper mixing of colors and designs so as not to look too busy or messy.