1 Where can i get Cloudnine Urbanwear merchandise?

Cloudnine Urbanwear is exclusively available at:

Fashion Kraal Store
34 Loveday Street
Shop no 3A
Corner Commisioner and Loveday street

Johannesburg CBD

Contact Numbers.: 011 492 0052



Swaziland (Mabizo)

Please email:  CloudnineSwazi@gmail.com Or call or whatsapp +268 76243343


Botswana (Mr Modise)

Please email:  CloudnineBotswana@gmail.com Or call or whatsapp +267 72218153


For more info on Business deals Contact us via Email : CloudnineUrbanwear@gmail.com


2. Im not from Johannesburg but i would like to buy a Cloudnine Urbanwear merchandise.

Worry not our partners at Fashion Kraal have a full functional online store you can shop in the comfort of your own home via the their online store www.fashionkraal.co.za

3. I want to work for Cloudnine Urbanwear. How do I apply for a job/internship/model/Brand ambassador ?

We apologize, but we are not accepting any applications for jobs or internships at this time.

4. Do you guys manufacture any clothing for kids?

No, Our focus is on the youth to adult market at the moment as soon as we get this market right we will look into the kids market.

5. When was Cloudnine Urbanwear founded ?

in October 2009

6. Can we use your logo on one of our party/gig flyers? or come showcase your brand at our party/gig?

We dont showcase our brand at parties or gigs unless its an exhibition of which will accept at our own discretion.

7.Will you Sponsor me! I’m an awesome Dj, rapper, model,socialite, soccer player i will expose your brand?

We’re sure you’re amazing and talented, but we don’t sponsor anyone unless they are on our existing team and right now, we are not looking to expand the crew…THANK YOU for showing interest in our brand.

8.Can you tell me who is your screen printer is? Can you put me in touch with the people who manufacture your stuff?

As for as manufacturing we house our own manufacturing factory so we do not manufacturer for other brands.As for screen-printing we use another company but we can not give out their contact information as they have kindly requested that we stop referring new customers to them.We apologize for that.

9.I have a store/distribution centre. I wanted to know how I could stock Cloudnine Urbanwear in my shop/distribution centre?

We always looking at working with everyone who is relavant to our market: For more info and Business deals 
Email us at :CloudnineUrbanwear@gmail.com

10.What does the word Cloudnine means?

Ever heard of google?….kidding….It means: a feeling of extreme happiness.

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