A flight suit is a full body garment, worn while flying aircraft such as military airplanes, gliders and helicopters. These suits were introduced in the early 1930s and are generally made to keep the wearer warm, as well as being practical (plenty of pockets), and durable (including fire retardant). Its appearance is usually similar to a jumpsuit. A military flight suit may also show rank insignia. It is sometimes used as a combat uniform in Close Quarters Battle or Visit, Board, Search, and Seizure situations, for its practicality.The current flight suit that is standard for most air forces and navies is made of Nomex, a fabric made from spun aramid that is lightweight and fire resistant. At present, mainstream airline uniforms are somewhat standardized by the industry and widely used by airlines from the Americas, Europe, Asia, Australia and Africa, from small regional operators to large international companies.

Weeeeeeeell we have flipped the script we have made it FASHIONABLE………CHECK OUR CLOUDNINE URBANWEAR PILOT SUITS BELOW:

CLOUDNINE URBANWEAR Pilot Overall is only available only per order. 
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Its now available in 7 colours for both LADIES and GENTS (pics below):
Military Green




WHITE PILOT OVERALL (available for ladies too)

WHITE PILOT OVERALL (available for ladies too)

NAVY FLIGHT SUIT (available in both short and long sleeve)






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– For Ladies we need to take measurements 
-for guys we need the shirt size and  pants size as we combine those two to get your overall size.
-preferred colour 
-what you want to write on the name badge.


A few years back I  crossed paths with @tumi2bars_katisi courtesy of a mutual friend @preshmotale and she told me that she was planning on being a pilot.



TUMI wearing Military Green Cloudnine Urbanwear Flight Suits

We happened to lose contact, fast forward to 2015, we reconnect and she is now left with a few hours to qualify as a commercial pilot.

What has fascinated about Tumi is that she been rejected  +-30 times and she did not this get in her way of achieving her goals. Another thing I have observed about Tumi is that she has a great skill of connecting people and an influence on young people.

As time went on, I had this idea of shooting with real Pilots wearing our Cloudnine Urbanwear Flight Suits. I challenged her with a couple of her pilot friends to do this photoshoot. At first she acted all cool until ka di last minute she started to panic, saying things “like I can’t do this anymore because I ain’t a model. This shoot looks too professional….LOL

After a few chats of persuasions, we did the shoot and this is how it came out…Check the pics below:


SQUAD: WARREN ,TUMI,ZANDI and BONGANI all wearing Cloudnine Urbanwear Flight Suits


BONGANI,TUMI,WARREN all wearing Cloudnine Urbanwear Flight Suits



ZANDI wearing the Navy Long Sleeve Ladies’ FLIGHT SUIT


WARREN wearing the Navy Short Sleeve Mens’ FLIGHT SUIT

BONGANI wearing the Navy Long Sleeve Mens’ FLIGHT SUIT



ZANDI wearing the Short Sleeve White FLIGHT SUIT



ZANDI wearing the Long Sleeve white FLIGHT SUIT

IMG_6054 copy

BONGANI wearing Military Green Cloudnine Urbanwear Flight Suits



CLOUDNINE URBANWEAR®  FLIGHT SUIT  is only available only per order. 
(For Enquiries please email: or Whatsapp 071 998 2365)
available in 4 colours for both LADIES and GENTS (pics below):
Military Green







AMBITIONAn earnest desire for some type of achievement

ambition 2

As entrepreneurs, we are encouraged to have ambition towards the goals we have set for our businesses. Ambition was created to allow us think out of the box, dream bigger and to come up with better than great ideas. I’m sure a lot of you have been told “that’s just a very ambitious project to take on” but this is mainly because ambition can also have a downside to it ultimately when we fail to be realistic and practical in our ambition.

Being ambitious allows you to create the power and passion essential to make things happen for yourself. It paves the way into an individual planning out how to attain their goals through hard work and resilience. It pumps up the inner being of yourself allowing solutions to problems because you have made a definite decision to make it despite any obstacles that may become a hindrance to your success. If you don’t put in the work, you are sure not to get any result because ambition is directly proportional to hard work. One cannot exist without the other. It’s not as easy as creating successful scenarios in your head about succeeding then going to bed without any steps being made towards the goal in hand.


We have got to understand that ambition is only the fundamental tactic to get you to where you need to be. With all the objectives in our businesses, only a handful of us take the necessary steps into making it a reality. It is defined as the strong desire to do or achieve something but if you are not willing to do the required effort then you will remain as “the one who always had potential”. You can’t get so inspired and motivated to be someone one day with insufficient commitment to do so.
Execution is key. Have long-term and short-term goals for your business and pace yourself swiftly because the major downside of being too ambitious is setting yourself for failure. You can’t decide to take on so many responsibilities at once then complain when you don’t make it. Failure is norm to achieving dreams and goals. If you have stopped setting stepping stones to the work required in achieving your goals because of the fear of the unknown then you haven’t learned a single thing about life. You’ve got to be confident about the decisions you make.

Remember: There are downfalls of being ambition but it is imperative that you contain it. A person without ambition has no full commitment to make something of themself in the future.


Written by Ntiyiso Hlekane Ntiyiso is an intelligent young lady studying Bcom Finance at University of Johannesburg.


The 10 Habits That Might Be Holding You Back from Success

As always it has become our habit to share some great reads which can add value to our friends and clients this article extracted from is no different lets hope you will learn a thing or two most importantly apply it in your daily life on the road to success.


Here are the 10 of the worst habits that are holding you back from success:

1. Waiting for the ‘right’ moment

How many times have you said, “I’m just going to wait until I have enough money saved up,” or “I need to research more.” As the Chinese proverb goes, “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.”

Stop waiting for the unicorn and take the bull by the horns now. Any action is better than no action.

2. The approval of others

While it is important to receive validation for your work, constantly seeking that pat on the back from others will get you nowhere. Do not feed into the ego of your ever-needy self-esteem. It is nice to receive good comments on your work. But do not mix up what is good for the ego for what is good for your productivity.

3. The need to always be perfect

Perfectionism is crippling. By all means strive for excellence and seek to produce the best product you are able to deliver. But spending far too much time on any task can become detrimental when you have people waiting for you to deliver. If your work meets their expectations, then drop the product. If you exceed it, even better. But do not keep them waiting too long. You could spend an eternity improving a product.

4. Giving too much respect

Even Einstein made mistakes. Just because someone is in a prominent position, it does not mean they have all the answers. This habit cripples many people who listen to ‘respectable’ figures who are in a completely different field to them.

How many times have you seen an actor endorsing a product they know nothing about and people listening just because they are famous? Terrible habit.

5. Germophobia

It should not only be great leaders that aren’t afraid of getting their hands dirty, but anyone striving after success. Getting your hands dirty means engaging in a task that is outside of your responsibility.

Win the respect of others by doing something beyond your duty.

6. Not learning from people ‘less’ than you

Pride is like putting poison into your own glass of water. Great knowledge can come from anyone. But if you simply shut someone off because they do not have a PhD or they are not a CEO, you are potentially robbing yourself of a golden nugget. You never know what kind of experience a person has or who the person may be connected with.

7. Rushing the last look

You are so excited with finishing your work that you just want to ship it straight out the door without giving it a final once-over. This is the Achilles Heel for most writers. But what separates a good writer from an average writer is patience- many writers will let an article sit overnight and then make more edits in the morning before sending it. This applies for other industries also, take time to give it one last thorough check. Even get someone else to have a look before you ship or hit the send button.

8. Not being vulnerable

It is easy to feel the need to put on a mask in your career, particularly if you are in leadership. No doubt there is a clear line that needs to be drawn between employers and employees. But you need to take off the iron suit every now and then.

Admit to making mistakes, make apologies when you are in the wrong. You will be respected.

9. Too stubborn to let go

While grit, tenacity, and perseverance are all great qualities, they can be crippling when they are directed toward the wrong goal. This is difficult with any project that you have poured your heart and soul into. But if it is not profitable nor bringing you closer to your goal, then you need to recognize when you are being stubborn and let go. Treat any humiliation like water off a duck’s back and direct your energy toward the next project.

10. The contentment plateau

There is a dark side to being satisfied with your work and accomplishments. Being content and comfortable is the enemy of improvement. Take time during your journey to stop and smell the roses, but do not let be left standing there when the roses are long gone.

Keep setting the bar higher. Knock down a goal, celebrate it, move on.

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10 Keys to Financial Freedom: Robert Kiyosaki

I know a lot of us wanna be successful and that can be translated into FINANCIAL FREEDOM here is one of the articles by one of the guy who knows how and what it takes to be financially successful.

Rich-Dad-Poor-Dad book by Robert Kiyosaki

Rich-Dad-Poor-Dad book by Robert Kiyosaki

1. Accept Full Responsibility

Every choice you make has its own consequences, some of which may cause damage to your wealth irreversibly. Hence, you must accept complete responsibility to secure your financial future. Understand that every decision and choice you make today will impact your life tomorrow. Therefore, it is essential that you evaluate all your financial decisions, purchases and expenses within the context of your long-term financial objectives.

2. Control Your Spending

We live in a consumer-driven world where we are compelled to spend continuously. Your spending habits are one of the main reasons why you won’t be able to secure your financial future easily. Track your every expense and think twice before making any purchase. It will be hard to do so at first, especially if you are prone to uncontrollable spending, but once you learn how to manage your expenses, then moving towards achieving your financial freedom will be a cakewalk.

3. Having a Budget is Crucial

Creating a budget and living within its limitations is crucial for achieving financial freedom in your life. A budget gives you the input you need to manage your income and control your expenses. In short, a budget gives you a sense of accountability. If you want to secure your personal finances, then a budget will provide you with tools to achieve just that.

4. Pay Yourself First

One of the key fundamental practices to achieve financial freedom is to work for yourself, rather than work for a bank or a credit card company. Learn to pay yourself first before you pay someone else. By doing this you achieve two things: you make yourself richer, and you stop getting poorer.

Only when you save money today can you invest it tomorrow, ensuring your financial freedom in the process.

5. Never Have Any Debt

Debt is one of the leading causes of financial insecurity in many people’s lives. It starts consuming you from the inside, stopping you from pursuing your dreams, hopes and goals in life. Debt deprives you of a happy future. Being debt-free should be one your unrelenting goals in life, and you should commit yourself totally to stay that way.

Debt-free living should be your passion if you want to achieve financial freedom.

6. Establish an Emergency Fund

An emergency fund is a cash cushion that will support your living expenses for at least 3 months. It can also come in handy when you need to cover unforeseen expenses in your everyday life such as repairs, medical expenses and other emergencies. Having an emergency fund is essential to make sure that you don’t resort to debt when such situations arise. Ensuring that your living expenses will be covered will also give you “peace of mind”.

One of the best ways to have a cash cushion is to set up an alternate bank account and start saving for your emergency fund.

7. Never Stop Learning

Educating yourself about financial matters regularly should be your top priority.

Today, there are countless sources to update your knowledge about the finance industry and how it works. Take full responsibility of your financial life by committing yourself completely to it. Instead of reading all topics in one sitting, you can start learning one subject at a time. For example, you can read about home budgets if that is what you are interested in. Likewise, there are many other financial matters that you can learn consecutively, thereby increasing your overall financial literacy.

8. Have Clear and Concise Financial Goals

If you don’t have any clear defined financial goals, then it will be very hard to work towards securing your financial freedom. If you want to establish a big business, work towards it by starting your own company. Alternatively, if you want to be an investor, learn to pick the right opportunities and grab them immediately when available. Only when you have your financial goals clearly in your mind will you be able to recognize your true potential.

Having goals and working towards them will also motivate you to life the life you’ve already dreamed out.

9. Network Marketing

The low startup cost of setting up a network marketing company is a great advantage to have. It is very hard to start a big business without huge investments and time. A network marketing company will give you the time you need to build your business skills and transition from being a low-level employee to a highly paid businessperson. Hence, networking marketing is one of the perfect ways to secure your financial freedom. Network Marketing supplies you with a residual income, so you make money while you sleep and travel.

Editors note: Just make sure that you believe in the companies products and that they are legit and credited. One company with a great reputation and amazing results is Isagenix.

10. Simplify Your Life

Life is becoming more complex with almost every passing day. Running after money and your financial goals will distract you from things that are very important in life. As a result, you will start to lose your motivation and slump into the darkness. Hence, it is very essential that you simplify your life by freeing up your mind of all the clutter.

The key to financial freedom is very simple: convert your regular earned income into passive income or portfolio income. With this in mind, it is very easy to achieve the goals you desire without giving up on things that you hold close to your heart.

This article was extracted from by Robert Kiyosaki

Cloudnine Urbanwear Studio (walk in) SALE

Cloudnine Urbanwear Studio (walk in) SALE 22nd to 29th of May

Cloudnine Urbanwear Studio (walk in) SALE 22nd to 29th of May

We excited to let you know that we will be running a “STUDIO WALK IN SALE” from Wednesday the 22nd of May to Wednesday the 29th of May 2013…..20% OFF on everything yes you heard it right 20% OFF on EVERYTHING….Here is our address below:

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21 Survival Strategies For Small Business Success by Sir Richard Branson


As a small business owner i know that running and continuously maintaining a small business can be very challenging, here are a few strategies by one of the most successful entrepreneurs Sir Richard Branson.

1. Remain focused on fulfilling your business mission. Never allow adversity divert your attention and efforts.

2. Don’t wait till you are big before you begin building your brand. Build a brand from scratch alongside your business.

3. Learn to use your brain power. Critical thinking is the key to creative problem solving in business.

4. Build your own business team. Survival in business requires a synergy of skills.

5. Never take your eyes off the cash flow because it’s the life blood of business.

6. If you are a new startup company, try not to arouse the interest or suspicion of your competition; especially if they are a bigger company. They can crush you while you are still in your startup phase. Lie low while still strengthening your bottom line.

7. Grow internally first. Strengthen your bottom line first before considering external growth.

8. Focus on your business strengths and keep its weaknesses away from the competition or public.

9. Be swift to take advantage of business opportunities. Bigger companies are too cumbersome to move quickly; this can be a competitive advantage for you.

10. Learn to live on the edge.

11. Be creative. Innovate consistently on the little things that the big companies ignore. Little things often make big differences in business.

12. Listen to the customer’s complaint and act fast.

13. Meet regularly with your business team and brainstorm. Intricate business problems are mostly resolved at brainstorming sessions.

14. Run lean; avoid unnecessary expenses.

15. Don’t hesitate to seek external help or advice where need be. Sometimes, it takes an external, emotionally unattached individual to detect your business flaws and render unbiased advice.

16. Follow your instincts and live with the consequences.

17. Avoid litigations. They are expensive and consume loads of time but if you have got a good case and a better chance of winning; then fight it out.

18. Free publicity and word of mouth is probably the best and cheapest form of advertising. Learn to use it to your advantage.

19. Learn to raise capital by any means necessary. That’s your primary job as an entrepreneur. You must continually raise capital from family and friends, banks, suppliers, customers and investors.

20. Seek out strategic alliances; they are essential to growth and provide resistance to bigger competition.

21. And if after all this you eventually fail; don’t take it personal. Don’t be ashamed to start all over again.

This article was extracted from: by Joel Brown is the CEO and Founder of With a long time passion for Entrepreneurship, Self development & Success, Joel started his website with the intention of educating and inspiring likeminded people all over the world to always strive for success no matter what their circumstances. Joel’s passion for what he does shows through the continual growth of‘s online community.

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Cloudnine Urbanwear Men’s Winter wear sneak peek

Cloudnine Urbanwear Winter wear coming SOON……..

Cloudnine Urbanwear WINTER Denim and Maroon Jackets......Coming soon

Cloudnine Urbanwear WINTER Denim and Maroon Jackets……Coming soon

Please feel free to walk in and check our fashionable merchandise.

Here is the address below:

42 Harrison St
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Cloudnine Urbanwear Winter update

Good day Fam

Its been a while since we got in touch with you . We’ve been getting an abundance of love from you and can’t even begin to show our appreciation.

We have to share that Cloudnine Urbanwear have been doing well and reaching exceptional heights and it’s all thanks to your continuous support .

Here are a few developments we’d like to share with you:
1. 1st batch of Cloudnine Urbanwear Winter Merchandise has just dropped.

Cloudnine Urbanwear Greymel track pants

Cloudnine Urbanwear Greymel track pants

2. Cloudnine Urbanwear is now readily available at the our walk in Studio for your convenience.

Please feel free to walk in and check our fashionable merchandise and Here is the address below:



42 Harrison St
Meischke’s Building
Suite 29, 2nd Floor
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7 Principles To Live By To Be Successful Entrepreneurs

I remember sometime last week i tweeted something of which i said “As a man you must have principles to live by of which you must try by all means to stick to them”.And then a friend of mine saw it and then he said what i actually mentioned on that tweet applies in all spheres of life and then he forwarded me this article by Josh Smith of which i found it worth to share it to everybody here….Hope you going to enjoy it like i did.


1. Consistency

When I was at the very starting line in my journey I felt like there weren’t enough hours in the day, days in the week, weeks in the month, to achieve what I set out to. Entrepreneurship felt like this world of never ending to do’s and places to be, calls to make, and people to talk to.. and whilst that’s always true, there’s a certain perspective needed here, and that’s this: “Rome wasn’t built in a day” and neither will your business.. In fact if you do it right, you’re business will never be technically “complete” because there’s always fine tuning and evolution at play.. But to get to this point you have to be consistent. Show up when you say you will, work and push through your comfort zones when they scream at you, and always be moving forward, even if moving forward means a baby steps to start with. One brick at a time builds the wall- consistency is key.

2. Persistency

As an entrepreneur you are going to be challenged.. You’ll be turned away, told no, hung up on, laughed at, and refused many times but what you have to know is that this probably isn’t a reflection on you as a person.. In my experience you have to be a real slime ball to have that effect on people in the business world.. I’ve had the unfortunate pleasure of working with some of these people, but that aside.. You have to be persistent. If you have a vision for yourself, your business, your idea, and it sets you on fire then you have an obligation to yourself and maybe the world to see it through. Persistence could mean early to rise late to bed, it may mean not taking no for an answer, but certainly above all, it means never ever giving up. You have to knock and knock and knock on the doors of your dreams. Then if that doesn’t work, just kick the door down.

3. Selective Deafness

Yes you read that right.. You have to know when to stop listening to certain people around you and start listening to what’s going on inside you- your intuition, your soul, your gut, whatever you want to call it. Entrepreneurship can be a lonely road for a while.. I’ve lost people who I thought were friends, and I have family that really don’t know what I do yet still look down on me because it’s not “conventional” according to their definition. As an entrepreneur you’ve got to train yourself to only take advice from people around you who’ve achieved the results you’re looking for, in the area that they’re giving you advice on. That might sound obvious but it’s harder than you might think.. You’ll find that when you’re doing the kind of stuff you do as an entrepreneur, everyone is going to have an opinion and it can distract you and cost you time and stress. Focus on what you’re doing, and seek mentors who have actual valuable input to add.. Let everything else be white noise.

4. Vision

If you’re an entrepreneur then chances are you have the ability to see things that 99% of other people don’t let themselves see. What makes an entrepreneur is that he or she has the ability to see something where there’s nothing and take tangible steps towards creating a result. Never stop cultivating your vision that which you wish to achieve. Focus energy on the end product of your goals to give you the steam to do what you have to do right now to get there. Vision is the fuel behind your project, your business, your everything. Keep one eye on the prize, and another focused on where you are right now..

5. Self Motivation

Like I said before.. Entrepreneurship can be a long and lonely road where you have to battle your innermost demons to stay alive and motivated. The truth is, is that there’ll be times when you’ll want to give up, throw in the towel and get the hell out but I sincerely hope you don’t. We have the ability to change how we feel and view any situation in a moment’s notice if we’re willing. All of our emotions are the product of the thought patterns we engage in, and all thought patterns can be consciously controlled. Learn to focus on what matters and what’s really true when times are tough. Temporary defeats are often just roadblocks on the path to success, and you need to know that you can bust through them with the right mindset. Focusing on WHY you’re an entrepreneur in the first place, and what the result of your success will be is just one way to keep yourself on track. Muhammad Ali said this: “I hated every minute of training, but I said, ‘Don’t quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion.” Accept defeat as temporary and not as a direct reflection on who you are as a person, take stock of what really matters, and focus on what makes you a winner. Winning is about picking yourself up an eighth time after falling down for the seventh.

6. Be Congruent

As an entrepreneur you’ll find that there is always distractions around you.. You’ve always got something to do, people wanting something from you, and just when everything seems to be going right a spanner will be carefully placed in your well oiled machine. But on the other side of that, sometimes everything will be going swimmingly and an opportunity will fall into your lap unexpectedly which requires your focus and energy. Believe it or not, opportunities can be stressful! I’ve had opportunities come up that would have pulled me miles away from my course at any one time. Some of these opportunities were lucrative, exciting, yet poles apart from my desires and I’d turn them down.. The trick is for you to be crystal clear on what you want, so that when distractions or opportunities come up, you can make calculated decisions as to how to act moving forward. Never put yourself in a position where you’re going against what you believe, or what you want to achieve, even for the sake of money.. Remember that as an entrepreneur, you’re a brand too, and your reputation is a massive element of your value. Be congruent with who you are as a person, and as a professional, and I guarantee you won’t go wrong.

7. Fail, fail, and fail some more.

Yep that’s right, run into as many brick walls as you can.. I’m reluctant to say this next bit but I will- make the mistake of blowing cash (your own preferably) on business decisions.. and be willing to graze metaphorical knees on your journey. As an entrepreneur, and as many of my mentors have said to me “You’ll make more mistakes and get it wrong more times than you’ll get it right… But it’ll be that one time you get it right, that you’ll get it very very right.” That’s kind of daunting, and it does take a lot not to fight that belief but trust me- when you have a win straight out the gate you’ll get a pat on the back and it will stroke your ego.. but when you lose a battle, and when you make mistakes, you’ll earn an education. Education, especially in business is currency, and worth it’s weight in gold. The entrepreneur who accidentally makes millions overnight (whilst very very very rare) is a lucky guy or gal with a nice payday.. an entrepreneur who’s fallen out of a tree, hitting every branch on the way down, to get up and climb again is a superstar, who WILL make a real difference in this world. Sara Blakely, the world’s youngest self-made female billionaire was brought up by her dad with the philosophy of making sure you fail at least once a day and actively learning from it. She took that attitude and openly attributes her $5,000 investment which turned $1 billion profit, to that philosophy in failing forward.

Of the many principles I could have rattled off here, it’s these 7 that scream to me. It’s these 7 that have carried me through some of the steepest hills in my journey, and gotten me through some my lowest lows. Be brave, be pioneering, listen to your heart, and don’t be afraid of getting a bruise along the way.

This article was extracted from: by Josh Smith is a (Speaker, presenter, author, go getter, and all round good guy. My passion above all is helping others get the wins they want in life. Live 2 learn live 2 teach.)

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