Wow!!!!! Beyonce might be going back to high school?

Beyonce could be returning to school.

The Love on Top singer was spotted entering the West 35th Street Alternative Education Complex in New York, yesterday (18 April) with a laptop, prompting speculation she could enrol.
Beyonce left high school aged 14 to pursue her music career, and although she received tutoring it is not known if she ever completed her high school diploma.

The facility she visited offers a General Educational Development (GED) test, which is split into five different subjects – reading, writing, social studies, science and maths – and people who pass are given a GED qualification, equivalent to a high school diploma.
In the past, Beyonce has said that she felt she missed out on some of her teenage years because she left school so early.
She said: “Socially I did miss out. I left school at 14 and had a tutor. I was never exposed to people long enough to make friends so my family became my friends.”


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