Our Black people are not Fools:Jay Stash responds

Remember we last week we featured Slikour’s article BLACKS ARE FOOLS fast forward to this week there i am minding my on business on Facebook i came across this interesting post by Jay Stash in response to Slikour’s BLACKS ARE FOOLS read and tell me what you think.

The past weekend I shared my opinion on Twitter @Jay_Stash on what I think about our Black people being called FOOLS.And I firmly believe that its unfair and pretty fcked up to call our own people fools.See we were cut from a different cloth and that cloth seen a lot of bad days leaving us in a more unfortunate position as a nation.We were derived off so much and it wont take the new democracy to bring change,it wont take 16 years of Freedom for change.Before we can expect much from our Black people we first need to HEAL as a nation,we first need to respect and understand each others cultures and traditions.For instance I went to the gas station this morning and I greeted the cashiers saying “Dumelang bana ba jesu”…And the lady greeted back with a smile but felt the need to share something from my greeting and she sed “Yes u are rite,re bana ba jesu and not bana ba Lekganyane”(Please note that Lekganyane is MY surname and I have grown to be proud of it coz as a kid I got mocked and I was called odd names even some kids calling MoZet…Zcc)..

The lady continued to insult my surname and as she was doing this…she had NO clue that my surname ke Lekganyane…..and this often happens.We talk bad about each other.As much as we all come from different languages….We also come from different tribes.And growing up some of us still do not understand our roots.We are a lost nation brain washed by media and this world that WE live in today.We are not FOOLS…We are IGNORANT,our people are not educated..Yes u got an education,u had opportunities that most wud die for,Ive had opportunities that I have wasted coz I took for granted what I had.Every house in the hood is going through a different hustle…Whist ga bo Thabo are trying to deal with the fact that the 16yr old daughter is dying from AIDS,Next door its a whole family of 8 sharing a 2 bedroom house with each member of the family being unemployed.Whilst that family is struggling to make ends meet,next door they believe in ‘BOLOYI’..They believe that the mother dying from cancer is all withccraft.U see we are an uneducated nation all because of circumstance and this makes us ignorant to a whole lot of things….Somewhere out there theres young sisters who no nothing about sanitary pads coz they cant even afford them,somewhere out there a man is raping a 3 year old coz he believes it will cleanse him off the H.I.V virus.We laugh at the guy who walks past us coz his armpits stink as if he hasnt washed in days.But do we consider that yes maybe he hasnt washed in days coz his living conditions are to harsh and they do not allow him such luxury of being clean.We hate our own coz very often WE THINK we are better…Look I cud go on and on.We struggle everyday just to get by and this is not just a financial struggle.I am as Black as YOU are but my English is not perfect yet I went to a MODEL C school and 2 private schools.We all struggling to win and it gets harder coz we are not getting any younger and some of our brothers and sisters become fornutae and in doing so greed gets the best of them and they ONLY live for the moment WHY coz we are an ignorant nation.We cant call our BLACK PEOPLE fools….I disagree.We all come from different backgrounds but we all Marching for the same thing but we do so in our own different ways coz of our circumstances…The majority of our people dont know better.The majority of our people cant even EAT better coz they dont know how to and cant afford to.We are a suffering nation and it will take time for us to HEAL and in doing so we gotta instill some form of pride and security in our kids coz they are our 2moro…..My Black People are not Fools.We Keep Marching.CHESA!

Jay Stash is a South African hip hop artist check his profile here or follow him on twitter @Jay_Stash.

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