Mens Sandals for Summer 2011

Sandals are not products of the modern generation. They go back as far as the ancient Egyptians who made them out of papyrus and palm leaves, the Greeks who made them from twigs and willow leaves and the Japanese from rice straw and fabric. These antiquated sandals are a far cry from the following trendy sandals of summer 2011:

• Plastic/rubber thong sandals

These comfortable and cheap plastic/rubber sandals such as the Havaianas that are worn by all and sundry are the perfect footwear for the beach and the home and nowhere else

• Leather strap sandals

These are leather strap sandals that are becoming very popular as an urban summer wear. It pairs well with linen pants or khaki shorts and roped or braided belt. Some of the more popular brands of leather strap sandals are:

Louis Vuitton – Louis Vuitton is famous for its high-quality leather goods particularly shoes that are simple yet ultra comfortable and elegant. Their simple two-strap sandals for men displayed on the Louis Vuitton runway will be a very good buy.

Gucci – Gucci has come up with a variety of leather strap sandals, some simple and affordable some with decorations or ornamentations such as a ring connector

Bottega Veneta – Bottega Veneta’s version of a leather strap sandal is a black 100% leather strap sandal with metal hardware that consists of studs and big rings that hold the straps together. There is even a separate toe hole and a buckle ankle strap.

• Gladiator sandals

Gladiator sandal for women have been hot for several seasons already, and women swear that they are the greatest in comfort and unfussiness. Surprisingly, this footwear item has not caught up with men in the past. But in the summer 2011 runway collections some of the models walked the ramp in them. For the motorcycle-riding guy, Burberry Prorsum came up with a tough looking gladiator sandal for men

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