Given the chance, you’d probably wear the same shoes to a formal occasion as to a relaxed braai, wouldn’t you? To take the schlep out of choosing shoes to wear, here’s a quick guide to matching your shoes to your outfits.

The Sneaker
Sneakers, or takkies as they are more commonly known, are great if you are going to the gym or somewhere very relaxed. They are limited as they work only with jeans and shorts. If you opt for shorts, avoid black socks at all costs!

Casual Shoes
These shoes are a little more formal than sneakers and are great for everyday non-athletic events. Jeans and cargo pants suit casual shoes best, but corduroys and khakis are also acceptable. Pick a pair in suede or leather, as they last longer.

Boots have the advantage of being suitable for most occasions. Whether it is a business suit or a nice pair of jeans for a night out on the town, boots will complement your outfits nicely. Boots are tough, but require special care as excessive wear can result in leather degradation.

Black Dress Shoe
This particular shoe is designed to be smart and formal. Think strictly corporate attire or weddings. Business suits, especially, go with black leather shoes. These shoes can be either in lace-up or slip-on form.

These are suitable for relaxing days at home when paired with shorts and a T-shirt. Wearing sandals means your feet will be open to view, so make sure they’re clean and that your toenails are trimmed.

This article was published on by DAVID DLAMINI

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