BlackBerry PlayBook

As an entrepreneur in the 21st Century i think it important to be in touch with everyone on go and with the latest trends being the tablets lets take a look at a Blackberry Playbook.

Taking a look at the trend of the past months, it seems that most mobile phone developers are not just producing mobile phones but also tablets. Since there are lots of new tablets in the market, we can’t help but ask if the new Blackberry Playbook can emerge on top.

After launching the successful Blackberry smartphone, Research in Motion (RIM) is finally here to try and break even the tablet market with its new Blackberry Playbook. Let’s seek if RIM has what it takes to compete.

Starting off, the Blackberry Playbook has a seven-inch LCD with 1024 x 600 screen resolution. Just by looking at it, it seems that the screen looks small because of the small bezel surrounding it. The screen is a capacitive touch screen that supports both multi-touch and gesture like pinching.

Operating System
The release of the Android 3.0 may have caused a great fuss but RIM didn’t bother using it. Instead, the Playbook runs Blackberry OS an operating system similar to the one used on Blackberry phones. Blackberry Tablet OS supports symmetric multiprocessing with great multitasking capabilities. Play a game and a video at the same time and you won’t notice any problem with the device.

Playbook is packed with a dual-core processor, a 1GHz Cortex A9 and currently has 1 GB of RAM. Hence, you can switch from one application to another smoothly without experiencing any lag. This device could have been better if it adopted a 1.2 or 1.4 GHz processor just like the other competing tablets but still the 1GHZ processor is comparable to Motorola’s Xoom and IPad2.


The Playbook also comes with two HD cameras, one found in front and one found at the back. The front-facing camera sports a stunning 3 MP lens while the rear-facing camera sports a 5 MP lens. This shows that whatever camera you use, you are sure that you are to get remarkably decent pictures.
Video taking is a feature that the Playbook can also be proud off. Just like competing tablets, this can also play 1080p HD videos in full without worrying about missing some parts because watching with this gadget is as smooth as you can imagine. If you want to switch to a larger screen, just connect the mini-HDMI connection and you’re ready to go.

Another interesting feature is the fact that it can play two or more HD videos at once. All you need to do is to swipe the screen to open the media menu and select the other video you wish to watch. Just make sure you ‘pause’ the first video because it will continue playing if you don’t. In the video menu, you will find the thumbnails of both videos you opened playing concurrently without showing any lag.

If Android tablet users have the Android market, Blackberry users have their Blackberry app store and the Android market! This is official information from RIM stating that they are testing Android applications on the Blackberry tablet.

The Playbook comes with three different versions. One with 16 GB internal memory and the two other versions are armed with 32 GB and 64 GB internal memory respectively. Memory is shared which means that you can have the entire memory dedicated only for apps or for games or for both. Battery life is likewise not disappointing because it can last up to 8 hours.

Carrying the Playbook won’t also be a burden. It is 10 mm thick and it weighs at around 400g. Surely, you will find it comfortable carrying it around; In fact, it can fit perfectly in your coat pocket.

Overall, this device is indeed mind-blowing. RIM went off with a good start as it was able to provide an amazing device that can outshine almost any of the tablets out in the market. With all the great features revealed, I can finally say that RIM has what it takes to break even the tablet industry.

Below Its a Comparison of Blackberry PlayBook vs Apple Ipad.

This was a Guest Post on by Alex. Alex is a tablet enthusiast and although he feels that Playbook is a great tablet, it’s not good enough to replace his android tablet. Do you agree with him?

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