Trends vs Timeless Fashion

In today’s fashion conscious world, what’s trendy changes in the blink of an eye. And then everyone feels the need to run out and grab the latest blazer or pair of jeans. So, you could see how much money someone could end up spending, particularly if they shop at high end stores.

Picture this scenario: You show up at school one day, and everyone’s sporting a fitted leather bomber jacket. You aren’t able to make it to the mall until two weeks later. That Monday, you proudly walk in wearing your new jacket. And now, instead of leather, you see bright colored wool peacoats.
And with the way trends are changing today, this scenario isn’t all that far off. I’m sure that there are people out there who have gone through this kind of embarassment.
Now, there are those trends. We’ve all seen them. Outrageous animal print, overly sequined shirts, and those shirts that are supposed to look like a shirt and a vest in one.

(And really, those weren’t all that attractive on anyone.) Keep in mind that I’m not saying it’s stupid to invest in trends. I mean, look at Converse. They were “in” during the 80s, they went out of style, and now they’re wildly popular again. Find one or two current trends that you like, and stick with them. And if you pay good money for them, don’t ditch them the second they go out of style. There will probably come a time when they’ll be fashionable again.
So, find a couple of trends you like. But fill the rest of your wardrobe with classic staples that are good anytime.

Some pieces we should all have in our wardrobes are two pairs of well fitting jeans (try to avoid super dark or light washes), three solid color t-shirts, a simple dress, a classic trench coat (you can go for subtle, and get a black one, or if you want to be bold, go for a bright red), and a pair of black boots.
Whatever you choose to go with, remember you can look great, without breaking the bank.

The article was extracted from Posted by Katie Ganaway in A & E and edited by us.

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