29 things young designers need to know

There we go again I’m up at 3am minding my own twitter business one of the well respected american entrepreneur Guy Kawasaki tweets
29 things young designers need to know it instantly caught my eye only to find out its an interesting ,educational read.Hope you going to enjoy and learn a thing or two.

It looks like transitioning from design student to design professional can intimidate even the most confident newbie armed with a stellar résumé and natural talent. The design experts at HOW teamed up with design studio id29 to create a handy list of 29 things that every young designer should know before diving head first into the competitive world of creative fields.

A sampling to get started:


You are a professional communicator; act like one. Carefully edit everything you publish: résumés, social media, e-mail, blog posts, letters, text messages, everything. Get a copy of “The Chicago Manual of Style” and keep it handy. Most potential employers and clients don’t appreciate text shorthand, so don’t use it. They won’t be ROTFL, and you will end up SOL.


People you work with and for will make your blood boil from time to time. Whenever possible, be a pro and take the high road. Avoid burning bridges, as people change jobs more often than they did a generation ago. Your paths may cross again in a much different situation, and having a good working history together will make rehiring you easy. Apply this to your online persona as well. Anonymous jabs are petty—be better than that.

This article was extracted from //http://holykaw.alltop.com and the full story is on http://howdesign.com and edited by us

Image by: http://www.getwebdesign.co.za

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